Scoring a Second Date

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You may not want to admit it, but the dating scene is a literal minefield. Finding the perfect partner is a daunting, uphill task, and it might take a toll on you mentally and emotionally.
To save you the hassle of the dating pool, here are several dating tips for men to help up your game.

1. The Profile 

It’s not impossible to find a perfect date on dating sites, but you must be willing to put in the effort. While there are many online dating tips for men, they won’t increase your odds until you work on your profile.
More than anything, always put up a profile picture. Choose a photo that flatters your best features and is well lit and clear.
Next, ensure you fill out your profile. Put in a little detail about yourself and what you are looking for. If the dating app or site offers compatibility or personality tests, don’t skip them.
Filling out a profile allows the dating site to understand you better. It’s easier to find like-minded dates if you can try this out before matching profiles. If the matching algorithm knows what you are looking for, you only get to do half the work. If you are having a hard time filling in the blanks, take a step back and reflect on why you joined the app.

2. The Book is Judged by Its Cover 

There will always be women who will give you the benefit of the doubt but always remember that first impressions matter.
Most men are daunted by the thought of being impressionable, but it’s really not that hard. For starters, make an effort to look good and smell nice. Next, be sure to show up on time and be respectful when you are interacting with your date. Also, prepare a few ice breakers to avoid awkward silences throughout the date. 

3. Make Plans you’re Comfortable with 

Throughout the ages, men have been taught to centre their ideas on what their dates want to do. While this is not the worst idea, it can put you in very uncomfortable situations.
You want to be at your best, so you must make plans where you will be in your element. If you prefer outdoor activities to restaurant dates, make plans that will keep you both happy, such as hiking or bike riding.
If you have to bend over backwards to please your date, then perhaps they are not the right person for you. Be wary of people who are picky about ideas but never have any of their own, they will only stress you out.
Dates are a great way of sharing your mutual interests, so if you’re always doing what your partner wants, you are missing the point. Don’t sell a falsified version of yourself.

4. Don’t Talk About Exes 

Or even other people you might be seeing at the moment. It’s natural that this topic might come up, but try not to linger on it.
Actively check yourself each time you want to talk about your ex, whether in a good or bad way. Your date will ask if they want to know.
While it might be tempting, avoid making comparisons between your exes and your date. Steer clear away from statements such as, “my ex never…” or “X and I would always…” Not only is this annoying, but you might not get a second date with a potential partner.
If you’re dating online, avoid looking for characteristics similar to those of a former lover. 

5. Turn Off Your Phone 

In a generation that lives behind screens, it is important to learn when to look up from them. Nobody wants to go on a date and have their partner scroll their phone the entire time.
When planning for a date, clear your schedule. This way, you don’t have to answer your phone or respond to emails and texts while on the date. Most people might find it hard to switch off their phones completely, so consider putting it in silent mode. In addition, always place your phone facing down. This shows your date that you are present and they have your undivided attention.

Finding the right partner might be hectic, but it is always worth it in the end. Regardless of your tactics, always remember that confidence will carry you half the distance. So have a little faith in yourself before stepping out the door.

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