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The age-old dilemma that plagues young men is how to propose to a lady in the most creative and original way possible. Some choose a specific location, while others enlist the help of a large group of people to carry out their plans. On the other hand, some men believe that proposing is a private affair involving just money, despite the fact that many proposals take place in public, in restaurants, or at gatherings. In any case, here is a list of 6 awesome tips on how to prepare if you want to propose.

Talk to her parents 

Although this may seem an old-school way, it is actually highly important. By talking to her parents, asking them for permission, and getting some information and advice from them, you will be much more prepared for the proposal. Firstly, you will see whether you are on the same page as she is, i.e., whether she wants to marry. Second, you will see what her parents think about the marriage and thus be better prepared. In other words, this is one of the first and most important steps that you should absolutely take. What is more, once you do it, you will minimise any unpleasant experiences.

Buy a ring 

Once you have gotten permission from her parents and learned that she has the same inclinations as you, you may proceed to the next important step: buying her a ring. The ring will be the key point of the event that will surprise her and make the moment memorable. After all, it will serve as a physical reminder of your love for many years to come. 

Choose a unique place 

It is not always about how you ask, but rather where you ask. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time, effort, or money planning the proposal, the easiest option is to take your special someone to a lovely viewing point and wait for the sunset. Also, if you’re already planning a vacation overseas, pick the perfect sandy beach or an old castle, and that moment will be forever etched in your mind. It is for sure that it will be a memorable experience. On the other hand, you may want to propose to her in the place where you first told her you love her, or where you first met… Every couple has their own unique spot, but one is for sure, your girlfriend will never forget that unique spot. To that end, start thinking now, and make sure you choose the place that will leave her totally captivated.

Food or beverage 

It’s a well-known method of concealing a ring in a cake or a glass of fizz. The most adept fortune-tellers are able to write the question on a piece of paper and insert it into the fortune cookie. There are also cases when someone wrote Marry me in ketchup on a pizza. Therefore, there are a plethora of ways you can prepare for an awesome proposal in so many different, creative, and even cost-effective ways. All it takes is to know what type of personality your girlfriend has and find a creative way that will absolutely amaze her. 


Traveling is another way that you can prepare for a fancy and cool proposal event. If you think your girlfriend is someone who enjoys trips, make plans for a surprise trip now. Pack your luggage for the weekend, cover your eyes, and travel to a romantic destination with a hotel. Arrange for the surprise when you arrive at the hotel, which is the ideal time for another surprise: a proposal.

Make a mini photo album 

Make a mini photo album (from ten to fifteen best photos you have) from your favourite pictures and be sure to write comments below each picture. At the first opportunity, read the album together and comment on each image and description. On the last page of the album, let there be your picture with the ring, and leave a comment below: Make me happy forever – Marry me! 

Remember that proposing to a lady is only part of what she values. A specific tip for most women refers to the state of their hearts at the time and the depth of the connection that drives their fantasies about the future with the guy of their dreams. Most women want to know that the man they plan to marry is concerned enough about her heart, her dreams, her feelings, and her attributes as a potential spouse. Thus, making the appropriate proposal from the heart is a terrific method to show her that you value her trust.

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