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Looking the part for an event means everything to your image and reputation. The expectation is even higher when it’s a formal event. For most men, a casual T-shirt with a pair of denim trousers seems to complete the look for a normal easy day. However, there is more to be done for formal events. Thankfully, the men’s clothing industry, which is pegged at £14.5 million, continues to grow each year and increase its net value. Therefore, men have options that work well for any event. Here are some tips to help you meet the dress code for your next formal event.

Understand the type of invitation 

Usually, formal events are preceded by invitations, and when you have that, it’s important to know what exactly it entails. It is important to note that no two formal events are the same. Some are white-tie, while others are strictly black-tie events. Although both are formal, the dressing requirements are quite different. For instance, the look for a black-tie event is usually strictly a dinner jacket, matching trousers, and black formal shoes. It further requires a white shirt underneath the jacket and a black bow tie. The distinctive feature of the white shirt is that it’s pleated. So, if you’re attending a nuptial ceremony that requires this type of formal dressing, it would be wise to get wedding bow ties. On the other hand, a white-tie event is considered the most formal dress code. There are similarities to the black-tie, except that the bow tie is white. Again, the distinctive feature of the bow tie is that it isn’t pre-made. This means it has to be fastened into a bow tie, so make good use of YouTube to learn how to do this.

Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil

Dress with poise and exude confidence 

While the choice of clothing is the main characteristic of the formal event, there is more. It is crucial to look and act confident at these events. Your personality can speak volumes about you. Male stylists say one way to command presence at these events is to exude confidence in your apparel. That in no way means to be loud and obnoxious. Instead, act smooth, look organised, and treat everyone at the event with dignity. Your language is another way to exude dignity and confidence at these events. Formal events tend to frown upon slang and jargon. You are better off speaking in a way everyone understands without other guests asking you to explain. Remember that looking the part is not all about sticking to the dress code. People can judge you by your mannerisms and other non-verbal cues. Therefore, always be on the lookout but still appear cool and smooth.



Be well-groomed 

Grooming for men usually includes a good haircut, neatly clipped nails, well-trimmed facial hair, a pleasant scent, clean teeth, etc. The main objective is not to draw eyes for all the wrong reasons. As a matter of fact, your apparel may be on point for a formal event. However, when the other elements listed above are lacking, it can take away from the overall look. Undoubtedly, for some men, formal events may seem like too much is expected from them in the dressing up department. However, it can be a cruise when you get the hang of it. Before you know it, you will be looking forward to these formal events.

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