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Building muscle requires commitment and a careful energy balance between the number of calories you consume and the amount that you expel in a day. There is a big difference between muscle mass and lean muscle. Muscle mass is what you get when you want to bulk up and look more muscular. Lean muscle is what gives you that defined and athletic physique. For men, gaining lean muscle takes effort and you have to watch out for certain things, otherwise, you may bulk up looking more like the Hulk. Follow these three simple tips and you will be looking lean and toned in just a few weeks.

Evaluate Your Diet 

For those men that want to look bigger and more muscular, then the general aim is to eat way more food and lift heavier weights. When you are trying to build lean muscle though, you need to make sure that you are still within a caloric deficit. Overestimate everything that you eat when counting your macros, and go for less fatty cuts of meat and dairy. Unlike intermittent fasting diets that focus on eating to lose fat, to build lean mass you need to eat every few hours. Instead of the traditional three meals a day that are large in portion size, snack on healthy items every three hours to keep your body burning fat for energy. You also need to make sure that you eat something for breakfast. Even if it is just a boiled egg or fruit smoothie, you need something. It helps indicate to your body to start burning your fat and food for energy rather than the lean muscle you are gaining.

Increase Minerals and Vitamin Supplementation 

All the exercise and proper diet in the world won’t be as effective if your body is lacking in some form of amino acid or vitamin. With Westernised diets, most of the food that we consume still doesn’t have enough nutrients. And, when you start to train your body to build lean muscle, you may need to increase certain minerals with supplementation. Protein powders are a good start when you incorporate weight training with anaerobic exercise. You can also try to eat more healthy foods but depending on how robust your routine is, you may not be able to consume enough food. Look at muscle-building supplements like turkesterone, which help your body burn fat and increase lean muscle without increasing calorie consumption. Turkestrone is the active ingredient in the plant ajuga turkestanica. It is more natural than other muscle-building supplements without any of the same recorded side effects. You can think about trying turkesterone because it is specifically made to help improve lean muscle and support muscle endurance during your workout sessions.

Avoid Heavy Lifting 

It can be tempting to boost the weight you lift during a routine, but it will hinder your efforts. Unless you are competing in a bodybuilding competition you need to be careful of how much you lift and how often. Your muscles are made up of three types of fibers. For lean muscle mass, you want to target type 1, the oxidative fibers. This works on the deeper levels to build stronger fibers rather than bulkier ones. When you exercise type 1 muscle fibers, your body can function for much longer periods without the muscles getting tired. The only way to achieve this is by lifting lighter weights with more repetitions. If you avoid heavy lifting you will also be able to incorporate much-needed cardio because your body won’t tire as easily.
The type, frequency, and intensity of your exercises, to the food that you consume, and even the amount of sleep that you get will make the biggest impact on how much lean muscle you build.

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